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Blind trust..

Hii, today my character name is Richard.

Richard’s story starts at 1979. I (Richard) and my wife today going start a new family because in our life little one is coming. Today I am really very happy.I don’t know how to express my feelings in words.

After some day we decided his name. We kept his name other parents we also thought so many things like good education, things what he ever ask for, we gave. We all were very much happy. What ever Michael ask me for I gave him.

When his 17th birthday came  he asked for a car as a gift. And I was like, his wish my command. I gifted him a car. My wife was unhappy with all this. She said don’t give him a such things because of that one day you will ‘ll regard. I said no, I j if we have that much power then why not? I will give him everything whatever he wants and when ever he wants. She said but.. and I stoped her in between and said that’s it, discussion over.

After 3 years..

Michael came to me. He said; he wants to join my business and I was really very happy.I said yes! you can start from tomorrow. He went after sometimes my wife came to me she asked why you smiling like this. I replied I am not smiling I am happy. Michael came to me he want to join my business. She said seriously?? I was wrong. I  thought he is going in a wrong way but it’s not like that.I am proud of my son (wife said).

Next day he starts working. I was happy. Slowly slowly day by day he understands business . One day he comes to me with some properties papers. I did not read anything and I just sign for him. Next day Michael takes me and wife somewhere. We thought he is giving some surprise to us. When we reach that place we get emotional we thought something here he is going to do.( Something good we thought). He take out mine and my wife’s suite cases. We asked what is this? He shamelessly answer. Mom dad from now you both are going to stay here only. I want my space so now. From now you both are going stay here only.That place was OLD AGE HOME

I asked him. I just want to ask you only one thing did I did any mistake? Or ever i hurt you? He answered “no”dad no never ever only I just want my space so…

With relief words I said ohk.. Michael asked me you not angry on me?  I answered him. No never because of me only right now you become like this. I am angry on my self. Always all your demand I completed but today I am regarding all this. Thank you so much for being like this to me now you can leave bye. And he left. I started crying. My wife can‘t able to take it  she got high fever. I take her inside and after 2hours she dies..


Why we do to our parents? They also expect many things from us plz don’t be so rude to our parents..

Be happy, safe , and healthy life 

C..u..soon with new blog



  1. Supreb Nishi…Very Good Thoughts lovely…

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