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Robber’s life!                               (Part 3)

Next day early morning when  I wake up I see cops are sitting beside me. I am not believing only how they get to know?  How? I am just shock. Robin officer says finally. I don’t know how do I react? I started laughing and said yes finally. I ask him how you get to know about me? Who told you? Officer says wait wait after sometimes you get know everything. They collect evidence from my place and arrest me.

After sometime they  send me  to the jail. Still I am thinking who told about me. No one knows. Then how? Officer came to me and say still you didn’t get to know? And started laughing. He take out my diary and say because of this we get to know. With angry face I asked don’t try to confuse me. He say’s think who is missing from morning time? Think. Oh my god my wife??? He says think think and he left.

Other side my car driver came to meet Robbin and ask for his 10% . Robbin says good work and started laughing, both of them. Robbin gives him 10% of cash and he left.

  So you must be thinking why driver is taking 10% cash from officer? Let me explain you..

Thing is that when rihansh’s wife ridhi read that book. She started crying. She was really upset. She thought now there is nothing left.. and she did suicide. On that time ram ( driver ) came and saw ridhi’s body. Beside her body there was diary he reads everything and called cops at rihansh’s place and says first make a deal with me ram ( driver )  say s you want that robber that never ever been found? Robbin ask where he is? Ram(driver) says before that promise the amount of money you’ll  take it from his place From that you have to give me 10% deal? Robbin accepted deal. Ram (driver ) says  you will arrest him but you won’t get any strong evidence form him and from his place. Strong evidence you will get from me tomorrow when you’ll give me money I’ll give you evidence..
 Afterwords Ram (driver ) said to cops rihanshs wife ridhi did suicide because she also get to know about him maybe. Beside her only I got that evidence Cops take ridhi’s body from there to hospital on that time they didn’t said anything to rihansh..

Robbin keeps condition front of rihansh see if you want to meet your wife you have admit it everything. I got your diary I have evidence all evidence. Now no other option you have. Finally rihansh admit it every thing. Robbin take him to hospital there rihansh get to know his wife is no more. Robbin says because of you all this happened did you ever thought after all this what will be your end? When she suicided near her we got your diary. Maybe she can’t able to handle it. 

When Robbin was talking to him rihansh didn’t reacted. Robbin thought something is wrong. Robbin came front of him and saw he just watching her sitting in chair his head was supported to wall. Robbin keep his hand to rihansh shoulder and rihansh fell down. That time Robbin get know he is no more Because he saw ridhi like this..

Story ends…

You all guys tell me  “if ” rihansh told truth, “if” rihansh never thought about robbery then what you all think what story would be??? After doing mistake this word always comes “if” and “regards”……

C…u…soon with next amazing story.


  1. Very good… It’s an heart touching story.

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