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Robber’s life!                         (Part 2)

Next day.. before lunch time I m going to her place. To pickup her. I m waiting outside her place but she is not coming out side only. And I don’t have her number. I don’t know what to do. I just set in the car. After waiting long time she came. I was lil angry and very much happy because she came. I asked her when she came and sit inside my car. 

Which restaurant you want to go? She said ummm let’s go near my collage there is an amazing restaurant. I said ohk! Let’s go there. We go there and sit inside and order food. “Ridhi”I know it’s to fast but I want tell you “I LOVE YOU”. She said ohk. I m shocked no reaction only I get. I said don’t be normal please say something. Give me my answer. She said  ummm let me think. I m sorry because I also love you too. I m shocked she said yes. The way she was talking I thought she is going to reject my love.

We had lunch and go home. Like other couples we also started meeting every day, talk till late night. After a month I proposed her she said before I answere tell me something about you. What you do? Where’s your family? I said when I was small I had school exams and urgently my mom and dad has to go out of town for some reason I stayed in home with my care taker and they were going only in between somewhere their accident happened and they left me forever. Oh! I am sorry she said. I thought after this she won’t ask me anything but she asked me What work you do?

I can’t lie her I said right now nothing I m doing. She says ohk! Before what you were doing? And I tell her enough money I have will start new work soon and I ignored her question. Ohk! She says. Tomorrow come to my place to meet my parents. If they ohk with you then my answer is also yes.

Next Day! I go to her place her mom and dad welcome me very nicely. We had lunch introduce my self, they asked me many questions and after all that they said yes. They are impressed by me. And after few months we get marry. 

After  all that I started my business. We both are happy with each other. One day I was in romantic mood I gone close to her but she said she is not ready for this right now. I respectfully stepped back and said it’s ohk no problem.

I went into my room. I have a habit writing a diary that day also I write about things what ever happens on that day. After writing diary I put my diary inside my cupboard and lock up I was very sleepy I slept and. Keys kept beside my pillow I never give my diary to anyone but that day ridhi see that beside me key of that cupboard. Ridhi  is curious to see my diary. She take keys and open the cupboard and takeout the diary and go out of the room.

She read’s everything. She get to know who am l.

What you all think ?  Ridhi is going leave him? Or something is left in between all this the untold story of robber’s life….

C…u..all soon with part 3


  1. Good one…waiting For Part 3🙌🏼

  2. Hahhahahhah @sanketbhansali

  3. Heart touching story

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