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Robber’s life!                         (part 1)

​Life is so unpredictable.. when we lie ppl think it’s true.. and when we say truth ppl never believe us..

Hii, I’m Rihansh.. today I’m going to tell u story about me..

My story starts from 15days ago 15th march.. when I started robbery!

I’m that kind of person who want to  be rich without taking any degree or do job.. robbery is my passion.. but never police get to know who is that robber?..

Yah! So I was telling that at 15th March I saw a girl in shop she was fighting with shopkeeper because he was not giving bill..

So I gone near them to help her. I said clam down first tell me what happen? Why you fighting with him? She said I want bill of this product and he is not giving me (with loud voice). I said you stand here only I’ll explain him and come wait a second.. And you! Yes gentlemen you come with me. He said ok I’m coming..

We both gone in the corner and i takeout my knife and pointed  him.. and started making fearing him, give her what ever she wants I don’t want any complain from her ok?..

Ok sir I will (with fear) he said.. good boy I said.. and I put my knife in side and we both gone to that girl and shopkeeper said mam I m sorry.. plz wait for 2 minutes.. i m giving u bill. she said ohk I’m waiting..

After receiving bill without saying thank u she was going I said excuse me madam she turn to me.. I said at least you should say thank u to me.. she asked why? I said why not? I helped you that is why.. she told me that I came to u for help? No! Right? came to help me.. so why should I say thank u?.. I got confused and I started thinking maybe she is Right..ok fine don’t say thank you.. Hii im Rihansh. What’s your name? Why should I introduce you? Just go away she said.. ok fine don’t tell me your if next time by chance if we met then you have to tell name ok? (I said) ok then.. let’s see what happens in future by saying that she Left..

Oh my god! She is made for me only.. the way she talks the way she gets angry.. she’s just amazing..

Plz god if I m feeling something for her truly plz make us met by chance somewhere..plz..

15days gone still today also Im waiting for her.. today is important day for me last time I’m going to robbery from someone’s place

At night time 1:00a.m. I am going at that place and everything whatever is possible I take out from that place…this my biggest robbery in my life and I was just going only… and I saw beside that home I saw that girl for whom I was feeling something..she was there I became so happy.. and I thanked God and I left from that place..

Next day I gone to her place night time from Window I step inside I saw it was someone’s room.. I heard someone is coming inside and i hide under the cupboard I saw that pretty girl came in side without fear I came out and said thank God it’s you.. that girl get shocked first after seconds she ask what is this why you came here she asked? I said I’m impressed you remembered me .. anyways at least now tell me your name.. she started laughing and said ridhi..

She asked me why you so desperate to meet me..?

Because when I saw u first time I started feeling for u.. I don’t know how and why? I just can’t stop thinking about you.. I just want you to be with me I don’t know why.. i want to know you more.. plz tomorrow take out some time for me and come to meet me ok? She said let’s see..(with smiley) I said plz.. come tomorrow for lunch.. and I left..

What you all think ? Is ridhi is going meet him?and what you all think ridhi is going to fall in love with him..?

C..u..all..soon with part2


  1. Nice 1

  2. Waiting for part 2

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