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Heart beats only for you….                         (part3)

He huged me and  I also huged im very tightly..I told him that  always stay with me plz.. he said always and forever.. after death also.. I love u.. and I also said I love u.. After sometime he left 

Next day I called my family doctor for rotten checkup appointment 11:00am  I called jems to come with there. We both  reach there on time. I went inside after checkup doctor told me something serious but I requested him plz don’t say it anything  front of jems I don’t want he get to know right now plz.. plz.. doctor convinced by me and I called jems in.. jems asked doctor is everything is alright doctor? Doctor said no you also know that.. I am won’t lie. Thing is that she have less time… I’m sorry.. jems asked doctor there is no option left? Doctor said I will try my best to do..

We left from there jems was upset.. I said don’t be sad.. ignore all that and let’s go decide dates for marriage..

Then we gone to church to meet father for marriage dates he gave us  30th October we were really happy and excited  we prayed in Church and came home..

We told our parents and friends we had less days to book everything….  We all were happy everything was going  in a right way.. in all that I was happy also and sad too because day by day I was getting week but I was not showing any one..

After tow days 29th October night time we met in garden I asked jems if i’ll ask u something u will give ?? Jems said anything for you my love.. just u order.. I said promise me first..take my swear..then only I will say.. jems said I promise you.. I swear I will do whatever you want..

I said when I will die…. After marriage or before marriage.. you will continue your life. You will fall in with someone again and get marry to her don’t stop your life for me plz… He was going to say something but I said stop listen to me after death also I want u to be happy and safe if you want that after death also I be happy you have to move on then. You won’t think about me..just promise me first he said no I will also die with u.. I start crying if u’ll do all this then I can’t ever be happy after death also plz promise me.. after sometimes he said first time you asked me something to do I will do for you….(with crying eyes he said) after that conversation we left for home

Next day 30th October  morning time I was getting ready to be Bride I was excited but today somewhere I was feeling that today’s my last day because I was feeling very week and had high fever I make sure that no one touch me because of that they get to know I m unwell and cancel it everything..

I was ready we all left for church after reaching there I saw jems was waiting form me with my father I entered in Church in between I was feeling that I m going to fall down my dad whispered me are you ok? I replied yes! Don’t worry dad.. after that beside jems I gone and stand.. we were going to start at that moment i felt everything is going blank and fell down my head started paining very badly..

Jems asked me what’s wrong Nia plz say something…

I said (with painful tears) I m sorry jems I think I m going to die jems… My heart beats only for you jems I love u jems I love u alot.. before I stop breathing one last kiss plz… He kissed me and after that I was saying

I……………… Love…………..

While saying that I passed away…..

And he cryed so badly ..

( You all people  may want to know that what doctor wanted to say serious think about me to jems..was.. when we went  to the doctor for rotten checkup… 

It was that doctor told me for removing this head disease we got a formula of medicine form London after operation I can die or can be alive.. 90℅ it would be successful but 10% they were not sure so  that thing I wanted to say jems but after marriage…) 

This thing im forever going to regard.. 

If I said to him this. then what story would be…?? 

Still jems don’t know about this medicine because doctor don’t wanted that full life he regard..

So like jems promised me he moved on and after 3years he get married to other girl.. but somewhere he still thinks about me..

But I m happy because he is happy…..

C..u..with next blog..soon..


  1. Your story made me cry nishi👍

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