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Heart beats only for u…                              (Part 2)

I was shocked when he proposed me. Yes, I wanted to say yes but I can’t..

I was just blank for  five minutes. He again asked me. I wanted to say yes but I answered “no” and I stepped back and warned him I never expected from you just stay away from me don’t ever try to meet me again and I lefted..

Backwards he was shouting one day u will be mine (with crying eyes) I heard everything still I didn’t stopped and I went home and started crying very badly.. I stopped talking with him blocked him from everywhere still he tryed to meet me.. but he always failed..
One day he took permission from my mom tht plz let me meet once her I love her alot I can’t stay without her plz once.. plz.. (with crying eyes) my mom said  dear plz stop crying you know what she also loves u alot bt..

But what aunt Moli?? (Jems asked to my mom) my mom started crying very badly jems huged my mom after sometimes my mom said she loves u but there is a problem that is she has disease in her head so she have only 10days mostly she wanted to say yes but because of this she stepped backed.. He said she can’t do this to me because of this reason she can’t..

He requested my mom plz aunt Moli let me come at your place  plz once.. I will explain Nia will get marry and will stay happily plz aunt..

My mom said ok! If she stay happily with u till she  dies I won’t mind come with me son.. they both came to me my mom said u both talk I’ll just come..

I screamed why huh? Why you don’t leave me alone ? Why you not understanding that I don’t want to marry you ?? Plz go.. I was crying I was shouting and he also start telling me plz Nia talk to me plz….but I was not listening only… And he just kissed me after that moment he said just listen me don’t you dare to speak in between…

Listen now I get to know about your disease but like seriously you really think that think is going to affect me i know I don’t want u to die but till that we can leave together I love you will leave together will die together plz Nia except me plz ….. I love you…..

But I don’t want that I pushed him and I ran into my room.. He siad plz open the door if not going to open I’ll kill my self. I thought  he is not going to do all that he said you have only 2days think and answer me after 2days I’ll wait if u’ll not going to come or going to answer no I will seriously die.. I’ll wait for u..

(With crying eyes) he says 

U’ll be in my life there will be happiness only and if u won’t expect me I’ll die

I’ll wait for you… After that he lefted..

My mom came to me she said if u will say no he is going to die till the date u alive at least for 10days be with him plz…

Next day 26th October 2007 at morning time 7am I called him his phone was switched off then I remembered that he told me to meet me in garden so I wait for that day..

Waiting waiting waiting that day comes I meet him and that day I proposed him I said I’m sorry  I really never wanted that because of me you suffer but now I can’t I love u alot plz marry me and he huged me..
So now what you all think this marriage is going finish in happy mode or in sad mode?? the next blog part3..


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