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Heart beats only for you..                        (Part 1)

Hii.. I m Nia today I m going to tell story about my past life. What happened? Why I telling u this story u’ll get to know by the time..

So this story starts at 26th October 2007..

At morning time 7:00 am  I was calling jems he’s phone was switched off from 2days. Jems, who jems?.. u must be thinking right? Jems love of my life..

We met last year 2006 2nd June in library. I was making notes for my exams and there was someone who was stalking me. The first time I saw him there only I thought he was seeing somewhere else and I ignored him and again I started my work. After sometimes he  came to me and starts introducing him self ” hi, my name is jems. I also study in same college where u study.. ( with exciting mood)  I said that’s cool and again I started doing my work. He asked me ammm what is your name? I said Nia. Oh! Thats pretty name (he said) 

I said hmm thanks 

So.. can I site? He asked me 

Yes you can. You don’t have to ask me for this.

He said okay..!

From that day we started talking. We mostly meet in library and sometimes in college. Our college timings are not same but sometimes we meet in college. Slowly slowly day by day we become good friends and we exchanged numbers after 2month. One day at night time he messaged me..

Jems: hii

Nia: hii

Jems: what’s up??

Nia: nothing much watching T.V.

What about you??

Jems: ohk.. I m just sitting and chilling

Nia : ohk..

Jem: So tell me wht u doing tomorrow?

Nia: nothing much.. why asking?

Jems: R u interested coming tomorrow                for movie?

Nia: umm..

Jems: plz say yes..

Nia: umm.. ok

Jems: ok I m booking Tiket from bookmyshow right now don’t cancel it ok??

Nia: ohk I won’t.. c..u..

Jems: good night💝

Next day jems called me at 10:00am be ready till 11:30am . 12:00pm movie is going to start so be ready.. I’m  going to pick u up from your place is it ok for you ? I said yes I’ll be on time u don’t be late ok ..? (In laughing style I said) yes yes madam I will be on time don’t worry..

You know what today… Then he stopped. I asked what today.. he said nothing. See  you at 11:30 bye.. I said ok bye….

He came  on time and I took more 10minute to get ready and he constantly calling me messaging  come fast we are late but I was not replying and finally I got ready and gone with him.

He complemented me you looking pretty and I also complemented today you look different and handsome.. He started blushing while driving. He told me there is a surprise for  you after movie. I was like so excited wow surprise?. We reached . In the mall there was theater we gone inside and saw full movie. After movie we came outside he asked me to close my eyes I said o..h..k and I closed my eyes he took me middle of the mall..

After two minutes he said open your eyes and I opened he was sitting on he’s knees and he takeout ring and  asked miss Nia will you marry me??

What you all think guys what answer she is going to give yes or no??

C..u.. in the next blog  with part 2  let’s see what she answers to him..


  1. Hey
    Nyc story
    Waiting fr ur nxt blog

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