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Sister’s – an unjustified Love!

 This story is all about me and my lil sister Emmy.
   Wen I was five years old I , my uncle and my aunt, were waiting at hospital outside the o.t. room waiting for new lil one who is going to born in sometime. Doctor came outside and told us it’s a baby girl I was so excited I was so curious i can’t wait for a second and I get in and saw her she was so small tiny eyes tiny hands legs. I was so very much happy about it . 

My uncle, aunt came inside after sometimes when doctor allowed them and congratulated me and told me  now you become an elder sister you have to take care of ur sister.. in exciting voice i said yes I will always.. after sometime we all were just talking to each other suddenly i wanted to go wash so I went it was beside my mommy’s room.

My uncle was weird about something mom asked uncle wht happen Alex, uncle said doctor came to me he said tht the way u fall down before delivery baby got hurt in her brain..

Mom panicked everything happened because of me oh my god what I did she started crying..

Mom asked wht injury happened her? uncle replied anywhere anytime her head start paining badly and instantly she’ll die..

So right now we all have to give that is love love and love more n more mom started crying badly on tht time I came in and I heard tht everyone is going to love her more from that time I started hating her.. other day mom discharged from the hospital and everyone welcomed emmy.. with existing way and I was not at all interested..

Few years later..

I was studying in my room for exams which is going to come in a moth and I have just started studying.. it was launch time mom called me I said 5mini mom coming after sometime.. emmy came to me mayu di launch is ready I said so what do I do just get lost from here mom heard that and came to me and scolded me this not the way u talk to ur sister ok it’s a last warning for u.. mom plz u always take her side only …just take her from here plz.. I don’t want to talk with her plz.. mom and emmy gone out because emmy started crying..

After sometime emmy felt tht she was wrong she came to my room with full glass of milk at that time she get to know tht I m taking bath she entered my room she saw tht there was a beautiful dress kept on the bed she gone near the bed just to watch how it looks.. her leg slipped n fell down and glass of milk on my dress when I came out she was crying and she came to me n said I’m  sorry bymistakly happened all this..

When I get to know everything…..I got so badly angry on her and pushed out her from my room and locked the room she was banging the door I didn’t opened..

She felt so bad for me she thought that she should buy new dress for me next day morning time she took all money from her piggyback without telling anyone she gone to buy a new dress..And thought to buy a sorry card. I was coming from my classes i saw emmy was roaming here and there I was in thinking what she is doing? I was standing opposite side..I loudly called her emmy wht u doing here just go home right now..

Emmy saw me n she was excited to give me that gift n card in excitement she was crossing the road she didn’t saw left or right just coming n suddenly one car came and accident happened she fell down and got hurt in her brain directly and instant death happens..
I was like get shocked n faint there only that time I didn’t know that she dead ..

After 2hours I opened my eyes and I saw everyone was crying I asked everyone where is emmy no one was answering everyone was crying very badly I shouted plz tell me where is emmy with crying eyes.. Alex uncle said she is no more and I was so shocked.. I didn’t react in anyway i was not crying or not shouting nothing all emotions gone with her..

After some days police came to my place they said that the place  where accident happened there we got one letter n a gift last she both from the store we thought tht was not a right time to give u all this so today I m giving.Police told that I have a request for u plz do read it letter..
After sometimes wen police went  I start reading letter ..

    Di I know u unhappy with me I don’t know for what but I don’t like that . I love u di plz be nice to me plz.. I know many times I maked u angry I m sorry I m really very sorry plz forgive me  I know tht I don’t have that much time I can die at any moment maybe mom didn’t told u.. I m sorry di mom gave me more love n support I know because of that u angry on me I m sorry plz plz plz.. forgive me..N except my gift plz.. love u..

When I read  this letter I was like oh my good what I did with her I always insulted her still she loved me alot..

She felt sorry for the first time that’s called VOICE FROM HEART💝


  1. Nice story

  2. Nice story

  3. Heart touching story

  4. Beautiful story it is nishi😙

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